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your complete valuation solution

Chudnow Druck Valuation wants to be your complete valuation solution.  To that end, we would like to introduce you to the family of companies that make up Silverman Druck Realty Advisors.  

Silverman Druck Realty Advisors started with the merger of two great regional appraisal firms.  In an effort to provide the great service experience to clients outside the footprint of those two companies, Heritage Valuation Services was formed.  Silverman Druck Realty Advisors continues to think of innovative and dynamic ways to provide our clients with first class valuation products in this ever-changing industry.

Silverman and Company is an industry leader in the Midwest.   With primary coverage in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, Silverman and Company can fulfill your residential valuation needs.

Heritage Valuation Services is on its way to becoming a national valuation service provider.  From full reports, to restricted reports, to AVMs and field reviews, we have products to fill all your residential and commercial valuation needs. We offer a complete, customized menu of services ranging from panel management to full coverage, from origination to quality control.  We know that one size not fit all, and we will work with you to provide the exact valuation solution you need.

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